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The Center for Family Involvement is part of the Partnership for People with Disabilities at Virginia Commonwealth University. It's purpose is to support families and professionals in working together toward a common mission and vision with the ultimate goal of improving life outcomes for people with disabilities and their families.

Our Mission


The Center for Family Involvement works with families to increase their skills as advocates, mentors, and leaders so families, and children and young adults with disabilities can lead the lives they want.

Our Vision


Every family of a person with a disability, together with the professionals who
work with them, embraces the family’s role in improving the lives of people
with disabilities.  Families become:

    • advocates who speak with and for their family members with
    • mentors who use what they have learned to help others; and,
    • leaders who make possible a better life for those who follow.

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For Schools:
  ckbox Parent and Family Involvement Tool Kit for Virginia Schools
  ckbox Resources Flyer
  ckbox Collaborative IEP Training
For Families
  ckbox Fall 2010 Family Navigator Training Series
  ckbox Collaborative IEP Training
  check box Family to Family Network, Virginia's Family to Family Health Information and Education Center

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Partnership for People with Disabilities
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