Welcome to Creating Collaborative Standards-Based IEPs.

This is an online training for IEP team members. It is based on a handbook and training developed by the Partnership for People with Disabilities at VCU.

The original “Creating Collaborative IEPs: A Handbook” was

  • developed in 1998
  • by a team of parents and professionals from Virginia.
  • with funding from the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities.
A companion training to the handbook was developed as a result of the continuing work of the members of this team, supported by the Partnership for People with Disabilities.

The original materials, “Creating Collaborative IEPs: A Handbook” has been updated to reflect changes to the law based on IDEA 2004. The Handbook is available under “Products” at http://www.vcu.edu/partnership/.

Our belief in developing these materials is that (1) working collaboratively to support the participation of all IEP team members, especially students and family members, and (2) using a process for developing IEPs tied to Virginia’s Standards of Learning, will produce IEPs that lead to better student outcomes, improved IEP team functioning and a reduction in conflicts over IEP development and implementation.

Collaborative Standards-Based IEP Training Modules

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