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registration and assessment

registration and assessment

  module 4 intro

The responsibilities of services facilitators following the initial comprehensive visit and follow-up visits are discussed in this module. Additionally, service-specific responsibilities and ongoing responsibilities are also covered.


Time: 45 minutes

Module 4: Part A

Narrated PowerPoint
PowerPoint Script - Text Document

Module 4: Materials:
A Guide for Manadated Reporters in Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
Adult Protective Services in the Commonwealth
CMS 1500 Billing Instructions Medicaid Memo March 21, 2013
DMAS-97AB Agency or Consumer Direction Provider Plan of Care
DMAS-99 Community-Based Care Recipient Assessment Report
DMAS-100 Request for Supervision Hours in Personal Care
DMAS-100A Request for PERS
DMAS-225 Medicaid LTC Communication Form
Medicaid Memo EDCD Waiver 56-hour cap Memo September 28, 2011
ID Waiver Support Log


Please note: Effective September 1, 2016, the names of two of the Medicaid Waivers referenced in the modules changed.

The Intellectual Disability (ID) Waiver is now the Community Living (CL) Waiver.

The Individual and Family Developmental Disabilities Support (IFDDS or DD) Waiver is now the Family and Individual Supports (FIS) Waiver.

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