Inclusion Events in Virginia 2020

In 2020, the Virginia Department of Education in collaboration with the Partnership for People with Disabilities supported the Inclusion Project youth leaders in their efforts to increase inclusion events across Virginia. The youth leaders awarded mini-grants to support the inclusion events below. The youth leaders hope that these events inspire you to host inclusion events that spread disability awareness in your school or community.

Bristol City Public Schools


Summary of the Event

  • Camp Compassion was held in all fifth-grade classes in the school system. Camp Compassion Committee (CCC) students led the groups.
  • School staff selected six students with varying disabilities and six non-disabled students to participate on the Camp Compassion Committee. 
  • Students took turns facilitating the weekly meetings (seven total). They also designed the Camp Compassion t-shirts, broke into activity groups, and wrote and rehearsed the activity directions.
  • Students were involved in all phases of the project (i.e., planning, implementing, and evaluating).

Sealston Elementary School


Summary of the Event

  • The Inclusion Day was to offer experiences that are both meaningful and long-lasting, with an emphasis on highlighting our students with disabilities.
  • Mr. Rohan Murphy was the guest speaker and provided multiple talks over Zoom. He is a nationally known speaker and told his story of losing his legs at birth and became a professional wrestler at Penn State. 
  • Activities included through Zoom due to the pandemic.

Frank W Cox High School


Summary of the Event

  • The event had a series of three Fitness Events and invited the entire school. The event advertised it each morning on the school announcements.
  • The first day was Adaptive Yoga, Followed by Zumba the next day, and then Cardio. All events took place over the lunch hour, and the event had approximately 65 students attend.


What you need to know for planning your event, creating a planning committee, setting the goals and vision of the project, and creating an agenda and work plan.

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Tips for a successful Inclusion Project event and a sample timeline for announcements, audio/video tests, and guest accommodations leading up to the day of the event.

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Several example activities to hold during your Inclusion Project event, divided into Elementary, Middle, and High School level activities.

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