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Virginia’s National Core Indicators Project gathers information from people with disabilities, their families, and providers. Welcome to our website that tells you more about this project and what we have learned about supports and services in Virginia. This initiative is one way that Virginia is examining quality and provides a means to track progress and changes in systems of support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

About the Project

National Core Indicators (NCI) is a voluntary effort by public intellectual and developmental disabilities agencies to measure and track their state’s performance. Virginia is participating in this national program and this website provides information about NCI in Virginia.

The core indicators are standard measures used across states to assess the outcomes of supports and services provided to individuals and families. Indicators address key areas of concern including employment, rights, service planning, community inclusion, choice, and health and safety. Information is gathered in face-to-face interviews with people using services, through a mail survey to family members and guardians, and through an on-line survey for providers. Additional information about the national project can be found at: www.nationalcoreindicators.org.

Virginia provides information to families and providers that help explain the project and the survey process.

NCI Brochure is mailed to people with disabilities and their families when they are selected to participate in the face-to-face interview. It includes information about what will happen during the interview.

Information for Providers explains why it is essential for all providers to understand the importance of participating in NCI and to encourage and assist with participation.

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National Core Indicators Summary Reports for Virginia

The Partnership for People with Disabilities developed reports to explain the information that was collected through the surveys. The reports use a graphic format to tell the collective results of the surveys.

The In Person Survey is a two-part survey that collects information from adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through a face-to-face interview. Questions concern the presence of valued outcomes in their lives. Demographic, service, and health information is also collected.

Surveys are sent to families who have a family member with a disability and are intended to assess system responsiveness to their needs, quality of services, and their overall satisfaction.

There are two types of family surveys for adults: a survey for families who have an adult family member with a disability who lives with them (Adult Family Survey Report) and a survey for families/guardians whose adult family member with a disability lives outside of the family home (Family/Guardian Survey).

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Resources and Other Information

There are other resources that explain more about the NCI national program and related programs in other states. A primary source of information is the National Core Indicators website that provides a wealth of information with interactive features for state comparisons.

The national site also includes Virginia State Reports generated for Virginia (and other participating states) to show results of surveys conducted. Reports are designated by the year in which the information was collected.

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